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House Plants are just beautiful.
House Plants with leaves trigger positivity.
Plants with leaves as beautiful as flowers that purify the air, and make you feel connected to nature without having to step outside.

Bindu Bardhan

Set of 5
Kitchen Combos

Aloe vera

Enriching plant

Jade plant
Spider plant
Peace lily plant
Money plant (Scindapus Green plant)
Syngonium green plant

Plants on
Popular Demands

Sansevierea mini plant
Sansevieria Trifasciata snake plant
Anglaonema Silver
Aglaonema Variegated
Ficus Panda
Ficus Golden

Why We Are Unique

We are a small, friendly team located in Mumbai that supply all the plants, planters listed on this website. We are committed to offer the at par services to all our customers, whether big or small, commercial or individual be it any type

Furthermore, we have extensive experience of supplying plants and relevant products to hotels, bars and restaurants such as numbers of handmade planters. Where restaurant used our planters to act as a privacy barrier for its table arrangements,
or to cordon off certain areas, say a parking area at particular times of day,

What We Do

  • Wholesale Plants
  • Events
  • Custom Arrangements

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